Attorney for AQ Khan

ISLAMABAD: The wife of disgraced Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan said on Thursday she is challenging his detention in court and suggested officials would be glad if he died without telling his side of Pakistan’s nuclear proliferation story. Hendrina Khan said she appointed an attorney earlier this week to petition the Islamabad High Court for an end to the restrictions on her husband’s movements and for his freedom to speak to the media. “We have finally made it known to the government that we are no longer willing to sit back and do nothing,” she said, by authorising a lawyer to act on her behalf. — AP

Bid to sell Nargis-hit

YANGON: More than 80 women and child victims of Myanmar’s recent cyclone have been rescued from human traffickers who were scheming to smuggle them to neighbouring countries, a media report said on Thursday. Border police caught the traffickers, who had taken victims of Cyclone Nargis from the Irrawaddy delta to frontier areas, between June 11 and 14, the biweekly journal Eleven reported, quoting police. Police Lt Col Rahlyan Mone, from the force’s human trafficking division, told the Yangon-based journal that victims facing hardship are being enticed with job offers abroad by traffickers disguised as aid workers. — AP