Six Indian soldiers killed

GAUHATI: Militants ambushed and killed six soldiers on Monday in a remote village in India’s northeastern state of Tripura, police said. Two jeeps of the paramilitary Border Security Force were attacked with gunfire and grenades by suspected members of a faction of Tripura state’s outlawed National Liberation Front of Tripura near Thalchara village, 175 km northeast of Agartala, state police chief GM Srivastav said. The attackers then took all the weapons from the dead soldiers, a local police officer said. — AP

47 held over milk scandal

BEIJING: Forty-seven people have been arrested following a scandal in which at least 12 babies died from consuming sub-standard milk powder, in a case that highlighted the poor food safety standards in China. In the first official death toll from the tragedy, an investigation ordered by Premier Wen Jiabao found that 12 babies died and 229 were suffering malnutrition after drinking the fake formula, Xinhau said on Monday. — AFP

Homes for China tigers

BEIJING: China has opened two reserves for the endangered Chinese tiger in an effort to save from extinction an animal with fewer than 30 left in the wild, the government on Monday. The reserves in central China will be stocked with tigers born in captivity, which will then be sent to South African wildlife parks to learn to hunt, the official Xinhua News Agency said. About 60 Chinese tigers live in zoos, Xinhua said. — AFP

Pak troops in tribal area

PESHAWAR: Pakistan has deployed fresh troops in a lawless tribal region near the Afghan border for possible military action after foreign militants there failed to accept an offer of amnesty, a security official said Monday. Brig. Mahmood Shah, chief of security for Pakistan’s tribal regions, told AP that the troops were sent to South Waziristan after the latest in a series of deadlines for the amnesty passed on Saturday. — AP

New House in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s new Parliament was sworn in on Monday with an overwhelming majority for Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi following his election victory that obliterated the Islamic fundamentalist opposition. Nevertheless, opposition legislators vowed not to be “intimidated,” insisting they would speak up despite being outnumbered nearly 10 to one by ruling coalition lawmakers. — AP

Muslim cleric sues cops

JAKARTA: Lawyers for detained Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir sued the police on Monday, accusing them of wrongfully arresting the alleged leader of the Al Qaeda-linked Jemaah Islamiyah terror group. Bashir, 66, was re-arrested last month on the day he finished serving an 18-month term for minor immigration offenses. Police say they have new evidence to prove he is the leader of Jemaah Islamiyah. — AP

12 killed in Pak mishap

LAHORE: A train hit a rickshaw at a railroad crossing and separately a speeding bus overturned on a dirt road and fell into a ravine in eastern Pakistan, killing 12 people and injuring 15 in the two accidents, police said on Monday. The bus accident happened late on Sunday near the village of Khera Khairal. Meanwhile, a train on Sunday hit a rickshaw at an unmanned railroad crossing near the village of Chak Jhumra, killing four people, police said. — AP

Doc’s bid for fast record

BEIJING: A Chinese doctor is attempting to break a world record by fasting for at least 53 days, barely months after another Chinese doctor spent 49 days without food and water, state media said on Monday. Wu Xinggang, a 33 year-old Chinese herbalist, began his challenge in a double-thick, 18-square-meter glass box in a mountain in east China’s Shandong province on April 29 and is being closely monitored by the local notary office and media, the Xinhua news agency said. — AFP