Turkish-German attacker charged

FRANKFURT: German prosecutors brought criminal charges on Wednesday against a Turkish-German man suspected of preparing an Islamist militant bomb attack in a thwarted plot that led to the cancellation of a cycle race in May. German police said in April they had prevented an attack by a 35-year-old man with suspected Salafist militant links. They cancelled a Frankfurt May Day cycle race because the suspect and his wife had been seen along the route. The man had raised suspicions when he and his wife bought three litres of hydrogen peroxide at the end of March using a false name. A search of their homeon April 29 turned up a home-made pipe bomb filled with nails and steel pellets as well as numerous weapons, ammunition and chemicals that can be used to make explosives. Police said at the time he had dual Turkish-German citizenship and a criminal record. The prosecutors’ office said a thorough investigation had shown the suspect had been in contact for some time with radical Islamists and had firm plans for an attack at a major event in Germany.