Ultras may attack hotels in Indonesia: Australia

Agence France Presse

Sydney, June 4:

The Australian government has warned that militants are planning bomb attacks against hotels in Indonesia frequented by foreigners. In an updated travel advisory similar to one issued by the United States yesterday, the Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade said Australians should defer all non-essential travel to Indonesia. Those Australians now in Indonesia should consider departing for their own safety, it said. “New information suggests extremists are planning to conduct bomb attacks targeting the lobbies of hotels frequented by westerners in Jakarta to occur around noon on an unspecified date,” the advisory issued late yesterday said. Indonesian police have also identified embassies, international schools, office buildings and shopping malls as other potential targets, it said. “While no timeframes are indicated in this information, it reinforces our assessment that terrorists are in the very advanced stages of planning attacks. “Attacks could occur at any time, anywhere in Indonesia and could be directed at any locations known to be frequented by foreigners.” The United States yesterday issued the latest in a series of security alerts, warning its citizens in Indonesia of plans by extremists to attack hotels in Jakarta. A suicide bomber targetted the Australian embassy in Jakarta last September, killing nine people. The embassy remains closed.