US reviewing prisons in Afghanistan

Agence France Presse

Kabul, June 14:

The US-led coalition in Afghan-istan is making constant changes to its detention system, following reports of abuses of prisoners here and in Iraq, US military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Tucker Mansager said today. "As we continue to get intermediate reports and information and suggestions and recommendations, we are taking action on those as they come forward, evaluating them, implementing some of them, deferring some of them and planning some of the rest of them out," he added.

Meanwhile, an American general conducting a review of US-run prisons in Afghanistan has visited all detention centres in the country and is on track to submit his final report within days, Mansager said. Brigadier General Charles Jacoby is reviewing all 20-odd US-run detention sites and is due to report to commanding Lieutenant General David Barno later this month. The top-to-bottom review of detention systems was "proceeding well," Mansager said.