World Briefs

Milk scare arrests

BEIJING: Police have arrested four people in northern China amid a new crackdown on milk products tainted with melamine, the same chemical responsible for six deaths in 2008, state media reported on Wednesday. The four were involved in the dairy industry in the city of Weinan in Shaanxi province and will face charges of “manufacturing and selling food that does not meet hygiene standards,” China National Radio said on its website. The arrests come amid reports that tainted products supposed to have been destroyed

after the 2008 scandal had found their way back on to the market. The huge scandal was blamed for the deaths of at least six babies and sickening more than 300,000 people. Most fell ill with kidney problems caused by melamine, an industrial compound added to give the milk the appearance of a higher

protein content.

Feng shui master held

HONG KONG: Hong Kong police arrested a feng shui master on Wednesday after the High Court dismissed as fraudulent his claim to the estate of eccentric property tycoon Nina Wang. Tony Chan, a 50-year-old former bartender, was taken into custody after investigators searched his 30-million-US-dollar home in the city’s upmarket Peak district on Wednesday afternoon. “The police today arrested a 50-year-old man surnamed Chan,” a police spokeswoman said. “He is expected to be related to a forgery case,” she said, adding that files and a computer were also seized. “The case is still under investigation.” Chan had argued unsuccessfully that he was the legitimate heir to Wang’s vast fortune on the basis of a will he produced which he said bore her signature. Television footage showed Chan inside a blue police van, his face obscured by a curtain across the window as a crush of photographers struggled to get a picture.