Banana for smooth elbows

Are you sick and tired of dry and patchy elbows? Did you know that bananas could rescue the day? Do you want to try a quick and easy tip to moisture your elbows?

The winter temperatures can be harsh on your skin. There is nothing as unattractive as dry and patchy elbows when you roll up your sleeves. All you men and women, I’m sure this has plagued you at some point or the other. But the good news is you can get rid of this problem fairly easily.

Consuming a banana daily has a lot of nutritional benefits, but before you toss out the banana peel, stop. Use the inside of the banana peel to gently rub your patchy elbows. Soon enough they will transform from dry to well-moisturized elbows. Make sure you rinse your elbows after to avoid sticky fruit residue. Plus a bonus, you can use the banana peel to rub the stains out of your teeth, more on that later. So, relish a banana and make full use of the fruit. Try this simple tip because it’s quick and you no longer have any excuses to flaunt dry elbows!