Garlic to the rescue!

Garlic to the rescue!

Every now and then, blackheads, pimples, pores, spots and blemishes appear on our face and can be a real pain to get rid of them. Sometimes using makeup to conceal these dark spots seems like an only quick solution but in the longer run, it would make the matter worse.

It might come to a surprise but garlic could actually save the day.

The common herb which is generally used to flavor the food but over the years, it is also using as a medicine for treating wide range of diseases and conditions that are caused from fungal, viral to bacterial infections. Along with all the health benefits of consuming garlic, it can also be a face-saver.

Start by shelling a clove of garlic. Then slice the garlic clove in half. Wash your face, take the inner side of the garlic clove and gently rub it across your face by focusing on the areas with blackheads, pores, spots, blemishes etc. You should start noticing a difference after a few days. Once your face is cleared up, only apply the garlic on blemishes, pores, pimples and blackheads to avoid over drying your face.

The author is the social media manager at Easy Cuts Nepal, a leading beauty salon and barbershop chain.