How to make the fragrance last longer

Hello everyone! Do you like to indulge in good fragrances? Are you sick and tired of using up your perfume or cologne and denting your pockets? Did you know that you can spray perfume or cologne at a few key points and make the fragrance last longer?

Smelling good is part of grooming yourself. If you find yourself indulging in fragrances and using up your cologne or perfume bottle faster than you’d like, chances are you’re not applying it correctly. Whenever you spray your perfume or cologne make sure you spray it on your pulse points. This means spray a bit on your inner wrist and rub your wrists together. Then spray a bit on your inner elbows and knees. Finally make the final spray behind your ears. Make sure you keep perfume away if you already have jewelry on your ears (particularly pearls). Give this a shot and be prepared to extend the life of your perfume and cologne smell and their duration on your shelf. Try this simple tip and extend the effects of your indulgence!

The author is the social media manager at Easy Cuts Nepal, a leading beauty salon and barbershop chain.