Life's balance is not something you'd connect to with mathematical exactness, all right. It relates to what there is in our mind.


Balance is more than a set of scales; it permeates the universe. It takes two to balance, not just tango. Picture this - male and female, yin and yang, the two sides of a coin, plus and minus, positive and negative. No one thing can exist in balance, because 'to be in balance' you'd need the second element to be in sync, or equilibrium.

We all know that the natural consequence of balance is both the parts, or sides, are equal, albeit equality has nothing to do with 'being the same'.

Balance equates with several scales in our mind and on the measuring scale. What takes the cake is the balance of the scales are interconnected - they amalgamate into one whole, the sum of the parts and part of the whole.

The point also is not everything in life is balanced.

Some factors may be balanced, or near-picture-perfect. There may be others that may not be balanced, or flawless.

Think of it - you may have the best job in town, but you aren't happy with it, because your hands are tied. There is hardly any freedom for your creative juices to flow like the way you'd want them to.

For 'balance' to 'balance', you need to have more than a measured approach - if not calculated outcomes.

You may think of this element as a normal set of scales shifting naturally from one position of strength to another. The reason is simple. We are all compositely complete - in our thoughts and actions. This is a part of us as much as we are a part of them.

Agreed that life in the turbulent times we now live in is awfully complex. Yet, there's hope, notwithstanding the chaos all around.

This is because no matter our 'station' in life, we are all endowed with nature's blessings - the ability to draw spiritual connotations to create a 'fine' balance.

It is not that one should attend a spiritual retreat, or a week-long encampment, in a remote, sylvan milieu to derive nuggets of spiritual wisdom.

It's all there deep within us - if only we listen to our inner soul.

Life's balance is not something you'd connect to with mathematical exactness, all right. It relates to what there is in our mind.

Of what holds the key to balance the countless factors of our existence, their enormous complexities and interconnectedness that correspond to our nature and condition.

When we practice and inculcate a sense of balance in everything we do, new life experiences emerge. When we aim to do our best, whatever the odds - without thinking of what the end results would be - we not only come of age, but also attain a state of harmonious balance.

A version of this article appears in the print on February 11, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.