The second wave of the corona crisis has engulfed and mercilessly paralysed the world, including us; however, no remarkable progress has been made to find a suitable medication. Perhaps, the pandemic-induced fears should now trigger a different debate on what should be the most-appropriate treatment: a vaccine or a new way of life.

More than a disease, COV- ID-19 is an outcome of unscientific, arrogant and egotistical social characteristics. Behind such epidemics at regular intervals, there lies tremendous impact of corrupt and senselessly arrogant living practices adopted in the name of modernity.

Being modern is the state of being scientific in conduct, not in the meaningless imitation of Western fashions and manners.

A handful of arrogant Western authors tend to prove easterners and Asian as uncivilised and inhuman. But the corona has mercilessly challenged the arrogance of the Western sense of modernity.

The Nepali ancient civilisation and erstwhile lifestyle based on oriental philosophies like the Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, Dharmashastra, Ramayana and Mahabharata were scientific in themselves. These exercises also developed resistance in humans to vanquish such viral infections. Some unique strengths and assets of the Nepali lifestyle may help restrain global pandemic outbreaks and check transmission if appropriately adopted.

The practice of greeting with a Namaskaar instead of a handshake or hugging, residing at distances apart, and changing clothes at meal time are now of paramount importance. Victory over nature is not possible.

Ancient eternal contemplations and practices of worshipping nature, rivers, streams, animals and vegetation have now become apparent to the world.

Eating only self-grown organic food produced by the self, eating meat only of those animals raised healthily by the self, building a latrine outside the home and cleaning one's hands and feet before entering the home were key features of our lives, and they prevent bacterial transmissions.

The scientific basis of removing germs by plastering the walls of a home with cow manure, keeping healthy by eating oats, and maintaining the flow of oxygen by planting the Bar and Pipal trees in the surroundings has now been proved. The practice of getting up early in the morning, walking and playing to promote physical fitness and well-being is unique to us.

The revival of the ancient way of life is a necessity to defeat epidemics.

Drugs and vaccines are transient, only healthy living and conduct could be long-lasting solutions. So, let's build a virus-resistant lifestyle than try to defeat the epidemic with vaccines and medicines.

A version of this article appears in the print on June 11, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.