Usually, most of the people in the world have a dream, which they want to achieve in their life. Till a few years ago, I had no such dream. Then one fine day, an angel in my life pushed me into planting a tree. I didn't know what I was getting into.

So that day we planted a few trees at Nandi Ratri School at Naxal, Kathmandu. Since that day in July 2018, we have planted over seven thousand trees at different places in and around Kathmandu valley.

After planting a few trees, where I got to touch the soil with my hands, I felt some kind of connection with nature. It felt so good at the end of the day.I felt oneness with nature as a whole. Then, for the first time in my life, I realised the value of planting a tree. I also found the purpose of my life, which is planting as many trees as I can throughout my life. Planting a tree today is the best gift we can give to the future generation – the noblest deed which one can do for the sustainability of humanity in the long run.

When you plant a tree, you establish a relationship with nature. You get involved with the well-being of that tree. By engaging more in tree plantation, part of the tree gets attached to you, and part of you to that tree. Your whole perspective about life, nature and everything else changes for the better.

You will understand what unconditional love means, and how it satisfies the self that lasts. It also impacts the self in a positive manner. This unconditional love towards nature will be so effective that one cannot escape that feeling. It is that feeling which motivates you to do more.

By engaging in tree planting, I have understood the power and attraction of unconditional love, which is beyond expression.

I have felt and understood that this world is full of unconditional love.

Usually when we approach anything in life with a condition, then we miss the opportunity to acknowledge the power of unconditional love. Because of our habit of putting conditions for short-term benefit, we don't realise the value of an unconditional approach, which is beneficial for all in the long run.

Once we get a grasp of what unconditional love is and what it can do, we will never want to do anything conditionally. We will understand that things done with conditions will only result in misery and frustration.

So by planting a tree I have gained a true perspective of living a life. I have gained the insight that things can't be complete with a conditional approach.

Thanks to this angel in my life, now I have a dream – to plant as many trees as possible, and expand this knowledge of unconditional love towards everyone.

A version of this article appears in the print on August 25 2021, of The Himalayan Times.