Violence against women has taken place since ancient times. And things have only gone from bad to worse despite all the awareness and education taking place in the country.

Life is ever changing. In the past, girls were married at a very small age, but in today's world, teenagers are in relationships despite the tender age.

They are unable to understand that such relationships at a tender age leads to physical, psychological and societal harm, which consequently induces abuse, aggression and sexual coercion.

In Nepal, an outrageous number of deaths have been taking place, and the root cause is the gender difference. Likewise, sexual violence may have deleterious impact on children and also on the foetus if women are pregnant. Children experiencing violence in their family at a tender age are likely to ruin their lives later on.

We have heard the case of Nirmala Panta, a child who was killed after being raped in west Nepal. There are many more similar cases that go unreported or are unheard of. Many women are forced to go outside to work to meet ends meet. And they fall prey to violence, which includes sexual abuse. Women have been shamed due to leakage of their photos that were supposed to be confidential among friends on the internet.

What is the point of claiming ourselves educated if such disgraceful activities are allowed to happen to our women either in the country or outside? Women cannot live in peace with wicked men roaming freely.

There is a pile of work to be done at present to bring order in society. But the political impasse has been going on for a long time, which has hindered the country's development in all spheres of life. But the government and the parties have little to deliver to the people because they are embroiled in a power struggle.

It is the right of every citizen to seek gender equality, education and peace. But we have to say with remorse that we are unable to live in peace with all the crimes taking place against women. Where are the acid attackers? Where are the rapists? Where are the murderers? These are the questions on the lips of every woman, which the government has been unable to answer. It is high time to end disparities in society, to end gender dominance and sexual violence.

Women feel it is better to die than bear the uncontrollable pain of acid attacks. As it is said, what has been lost cannot be returned, but we can prevent what is going to happen. The government has the responsibility to enhance the security in areas where it is needed most.

May be introducing capital punishment to the culprits will see a decline in the crimes against women.

A version of this article appears in the print on August 19 2021, of The Himalayan Times.