On a daily basis, I come across dozens of posts on social media. Some are funny, some inspiring, some with a piece of life and some offensive.

When we look at those posts, we find many quotations, and we are undecided if we should read them but still end up reading them.

After reading each and every quote, I wonder, "Do these quotes actually change our lives?" As for me, the very sight of them vexes me, vexes me because they actually match the situations we are facing. We all live in a quote-driven world.

Whether you want to express your happiness, sadness, irritation or motivation, it always comes in handy. Having said that, I once scrolled through my feed and came across many things. Like anything good, I remember this very question or a quote. But the only difference was that it was not a positive one. It said in bold letters 'what will people say?' This particular question seems to be anonymous yet very popular. The agonising question often determines the decisions we make in our lives or at least makes us live in fear. This quote has destroyed more dreams than anything else in this world.

Last month, I was talking with a friend. We were catching up with each other's life situations and she said, "You know I envy men." "Why?"I asked, and she replied, "Because they can travel alone, say no, don't have to suppress how they eat, how they walk, how they talk, how they sit." This made more sense than anything I had ever heard.

I was speechless. She spoke again, "But it's different for us women. I fear to do what they do. If I do,what will people say?"

So, the fear of 'what will people say?' had transformed a dream, a desire into a fantasy never to be achieved unless she musters up the courage to ask the 'judgemental' people to get lost. But how many of us can do so? Only some have the courage needed in this world filled with "fearful" people.

At every step we make, we always try to confirm that the people, society, neighbourhood, family are not offended by us. But for how long? How long will we suppress our dreams for others' sake? When will we start thinking for ourselves and not for others? I have always envied those who don't think about 'the people' but think about themselves first. I wonder how they are so confident and courageous.

I was inspired to write this piece due to my realisation about how the world revolves around 'what will people say?' We were taught since a very young age to live with this question in our head and remember it before any course of action.

Once a girl asked, "Should I pursue my dream of modeling?"

The other person was going to reply when she said, "But, what will people say?"