22 fuel tankers enter Nepal via Kailali customs point

DHANGADHI: As many as 22 fuel tankers entered Dhangadhi of Nepal from India via the Kailali customs point in the far-western Nepal on Tuesday.

According to Nepal Oil Corporation, two fuel tankers ferried 40,000 litre petrol and 20 fuel tankers ferried 368,000 litre diesel.

This is the first time such a huge amount of petroleum products entered the country via the Kailai customs point since the obstruction in supplies from India to Nepal.

Indian Oil Corporation also supplied fuel to NOC as per the demand.

The NOC said it is hopeful that the supply of petroleum products in the far-western region would be at ease within four or five days.

The available petroleum products will be distributed to customers through 67 dealers in the region on quota system.

It has been learned that 26 other fuel tankers that reached the Indian Oil Corporation's Banthara depot in Uttar Pradesh of India Tuesday were provided with fuel.