40th agm of fncci : Role of private sector hailed

Kathmandu, August 6 :

Speaker of the House of Representatives Subash Nembang, inaugurating the 40th annual general meeting of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) in the capital today said that private sector is the lifeblood of the people. “Therefore, private sector should be strong in a changed socio-economic environment,” he said.

Nembang observed that private sector has faced huge challenges and problems currently. The government should take note of its problems seriously and try to help resolve its problems. Nembang also appreciated the role played by the private sector in Janaandolan-II. He also asked the private sector to come clear on the present political development and on what they want from government, seven party alliance and Maoists.

Chandi Raj Dhakal, president of FNCCI compla-ined that the lawmakers in the house are not discus-sing ‘business and econo-mic issues.’

“Private sector is very crucial for a country like Nepal and the government should help boost it,” Dha-kal said, adding that economy has been facing a severe crisis for a decade for which the government has to adopt effective measur-es. “Investment environment has been disturbed and number of enterprises have already been closed. In such a situation, the government has to adopt stringent measures to rehabilitate such business units to revive economy.”

Dhakal said that trade liberalisation has not been successful to diversify the export and minimize the trade deficit and boost export-oriented industries. “The government does not have any vision to develop the business sector on the basis of entrepreneurship,” he said stressing on effective planning and vision.

Dhakal blamed political instability, lack of democratic government and institutions, lack of timely implementation of policies and weak management for discouraging growth rate. “Due to lack of good governance and rule of law, we are bound to face artificial shortage of essential goods and unfair competition,” Dhakal said.

The two-day long conference of FNCCI will see many ministers, Maoists leaders and top government people, who will try to develop consensus on socio-economic issues and implement them.

Diwakar Golchha, first vice-president of FNCCI giving vote of thanks said that the retail distribution of electricity should be privatised and Nepal Electricity Authority should concentrate on whole-sale-distribution.