A new Nepali two-wheeler venture

Kathmandu, August 4:

Inspired by an overwhelming response that Lifan motorcycles received in the last couple of years, Annapurna Lifan Company P Ltd (ALCPL) has entered into a new venture of manufacturing two-wheelers in Nepal. ALCPL, erstwhile authorised distributor for Lifan motorcycles, started manufacturing two-wheelers under the brand name of ‘Anna Lifan’ some four months ago, making it the second two-wheeler manufacturer using the complete knock-down (CKD) process. Manufactured with a technical collaboration of Lifan Company, China’s biggest individually-run motorcycle manufacturer, ALCPL has four different models on its production line. “Though it’s manufactured with CKD process, Anna Lifan motorcycles are well equipped, stylish and powerful. Moreover they are competitively priced,” says Prem N Lama, senior manager at ALCPL. “Basic objective of making two wheelers here in Nepal is to offer people products at affordable prices, ensuring them better quality and after sales services,” says Rajesh Kaji Shrestha, chairman of ALCPL. The company will introduce more models in the near future as per the demand, he said. “Customer taste is ever changing, while alluring models of two-wheelers appear every now and then in Nepal. Anna Lifan is also an attempt to cater to the changing taste for Chinese brand of motorcycles in Nepal,” said Shrestha.

The four models of Anna Lifan motorbikes include — Mantra 125-J, GN 125-7, Swastik 110-C and Supper R 100-9A. The first three are motorbikes, while the last one is a scooter. “As a homemade production, the Anna Lifan motorcycles are designed to meet the requirements of Nepali customers, considering the level of performance,” adds Lama. Besides price tag, customers these days go for after sales services, warranty, style, performance and availability of spare parts, which according to Lama is evident in the success of Anna Lifan bikes. Lower maintenance cost, two-year warranty and 12 free servicing as well as easy availability of spare parts have boosted the sale of the Anna Lifan over a short span of its existence, he added.

GN 125-7

The GN 125-7 model of bike comes with 125cc CDI enigne.A gentle look with strong performance is its alluring factor. The GN 125-7 gives power of 7.8 KW @ 9000rpm and torque of 8NM @ 7500 rpm. The GN 125-7 is priced at Rs 77,970.

Mantra 125-J

The Anna Lifan Mantra 125-J has become a ‘hotcake’ among two-wheeler brands in recent times, according to company sources. It is an improvised version of the Chinese Lifan model and is engineered for rough terrain of Nepal, says Lama. The 125-cc bike with a CDI engine can generate a maximum power of 7.3 KW@ 9000rpm and a maximum torque of 7.6NM @ 7500 rpm. The Mantra is priced at Rs 89,270.

Swastik 110-C

The Swastik AL 110-C is yet another model that ALCPL has introduced in the market. The bike is a bit conventional in looks and slightly smaller in performance and power than two other bikes. It comes with 110cc engine and can give a maximum power of 6KW @ 8,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 6.5NM @ 6,000 rpm. It is priced at Rs 71,190.

Super R 100-9A

The fourth model of Anna Lifan is a scooter, manufactured considering the growing demand of a new generation as well as workingwomen in the country. The scooter comes with 100cc CDI single cylinder air-cooled engine and gives a maximum power of 4.1KW @ 7500 rpm. The scooter is priced at Rs 66,670.