A sari for Rs 200,000

Himalayan News Service

Shimla, June 12:

It’s a glittering sari threaded with silver and silk that took two years to make and costs Rs 200,000 Indian Currency (IC)! And the handicraft marvel is the centre of attraction for tourists and locals at an exhibition currently on in this popular resort town of Himachal Pradesh. The maker of the colourful sari can be seen answering the queries as many wide-eyed women touch and dream of draping this nine-yard garment. “Instead of ordinary thread, I have used elaborate silver and silk thread for the embroidery. This has been so elaborate and painstaking that it has taken me two years to get this sari ready. It is well worth the price of Rs 200,000 IC,” explains a proud Shamim Ahmed, a traditional sari maker from Maharashtra.

The sari is bright red with a peacock blue border. “I’ve named it ‘Pattan’, the name of my village in Maharashtra, which is known for its saris,” Ahmed said, “I have displayed and sold my saris all over India and also in Paris, where I received a lot of appreciation for my work.”

“I have already sold two saris each priced at over Rs 100,000 IC so there are indeed customers who can buy such expensive pieces. My next target is to prepare an even more elaborate sari for Rs 400,000 IC,” says Ahmed. The sari is one of the most mesmerising dresses in the world. Not only is making it an art but even wearing it is an art. A dress that is always in vogue, the sari is often part of an Indian family’s heirloom.