AAN condemns restrictive provisions on advertisement, liquor industry

Kathmandu, November 29

Advertisers have condemned the proposed executive order on Control of Production, Sale and Distribution of Alcohol that incorporates restrictive provisions on advertisements related to liquor businesses.

The draft of the new executive order prepared by the Ministry of Home Affairs incorporates restrictive provisions on branding and advertisement of alcoholic beverages. Similarly, the draft of the order also bans liquor industries from sponsoring any public events, including games.

“Introducing such restrictive policies to clamp down on products of those liquor factories which have been established as per the existing laws and have been complying with all legal standards is completely illogical,” reads a press statement issued by the Advertising Association of Nepal (AAN).

Mocking the plan of the government to prevent hotels, bars and restaurants from serving alcoholic beverages

after 10:00pm, AAN said that such irresponsible steps of the government will not only have a negative impact on the growing liquor industry but also on the tourism and media industry. “Introducing restrictive provisions on advertisements will also affect people’s right to get information of goods,” AAN officials said.

Citing that the government did not hold any consultations with the private sector on the provisions of the executive

order on Control of Production, Sale and Distribution of Alcohol, AAN has urged immediate amendment of the aforementioned restrictive provisions included in the order.