David S Wolfe, chairman at Aaron Capital Inc, an investment bank in the US, was recently in the valley to look for potential investment opportunities in Nepal.

The investment banker seemed very enthusiastic about his first-ever visit to the country as he shared about his future investments here.

He believes his investment in different sectors of Nepal will help the country on the path of development.

Sharing his plans with The Himalayan Times, Wolfe said, "I am very excited to visit the beautiful country for the first time and I will be holding talks with all the authorities concerned, including the government, for development in different sectors here through investments."

Some of the possible sectors that Wolfe has considered for investment are health, education, hospitality, manufacturing, entrepreneurship, real estate, and information technology, among others.

Wolfe also shared he has prioritised start-ups for his investment as he has understood that 'Nepal has lots of talented youth who can do amazing things if financially supported'.

Asked how he chose Nepal for his potential investments without ever visiting before, Wolfe shared that he gets informed about all the necessary information about Nepal's business environment 'through J Sinha, who takes care of investments in Asia as the managing partner at Aaron Capital Inc'.

"Nepal is a beautiful country full of business potentials and one of the reasons I am here is to identify those potentials and make necessary investments for the development of the country. Investing in the aforementioned sectors will also create lots of job opportunities for the country's talented youth who I know have been rapidly moving abroad for better opportunities," he expressed.

Asked if the ongoing pandemic is a challenge for his investment plans, Wolfe shared, "Things have been different now as compared to last year when the whole world had come to a halt due to the surging cases of COVID-19. I am sure things will improve for the best and we can work again with a great spirit."

Sharing more about his company based in Columbus, US, Wolfe said, "Aaron Capital Inc is in its 32nd year of running and has a wonderful reputation for offering world class financial services to clients and financial sectors worldwide. Providing strategic advisory to clients, raising capital for investment for big and small businesses, and offering corporate valuation, are some of the services we are known for."

Asked if the company has yet planned the specific amount to be invested in the aforementioned sectors in the country, Sinha shared, "It depends on the requirements of the sectors when everything about the investment process will be finalised which we are currently busy with."

Wolfe, who arrived in the country on November 12, will be staying for a couple more days before flying back to the US.

A version of this article appears in the print on November 16, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.