‘Better access to technology is a must’

Lalitpur, March 26:

The process of Nepal’s overall development cannot gain momentum without the development of cheap and efficient technologies at the local level.

This was observed at an interaction programme organised by the Rural Infrastructure Development Group. Experts at the programme maintained technologies suitable for the social and economic development of the country should be adopted.

Environmentalist Anil Chitrakar noted that the country cannot develop until viable and local technologies are developed in the country.

“There should be inclusiveness not only at the political level but also at the technological level,” said Chitrakar, adding “Developing environment-friendly cheap technology is what we need today.”

Young scientist Ramesh Chaudhari provided information about the ropeway technology. He felt although Nepali youth is involved in technological sector, the government has failed to provide the necessary support.

Chairman of the group, Gunaraj Dhakal observed development processes will be incomplete unless people have access to technologies.