KATHMANDU: Alltech Biotechnology USA, world leader in animal nutrition and biotech animal feed supplements has named Nimbus official partner of ALLTECH FEI World Equestrian Games 2010. “In association with Alltech, Nimbus aims to cover the whole livestock and poultry feed industry in the global arena,” said Nimbus managing director Anand Bagaria adding that the company has targetted to cover the 30 per cent of the market share within few years span. The company provides direct employment opportunities to 600 people while 5000 people are indirectly employed by Nimbus. The current annual turnover of the company is Rs 2 billion and MD Bagaria announced that the company would reach a targetted annual turnover of Rs 5 billion through this partnership. Besides nationwide networks, Nimbus also exports feed to Indian markets. In keeping with the motto, ‘Healthy animals means healthy returns’, the company has launched various nutritional feeds for animals in the market.
“It is due to similar ideals, quality conciousness and the desire to bring new technology to the farmers that Nimbus has been selected as the official partner of Alltech,” said Alltech general manager Chris Kane. He added that returns on investment is a key aspect of his company adding that it is the only company that addresses the key challenges and nutritional needs organically.
“Nimbus is proud to be the official partner of Alltech for Nepal,” said Bagaria. The 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games will take place over 16 days in Lexington, Kentucky, from September 25 to october 10, 2010. Alltech is also title sponsor of the game. Tickets will not go on sale until sometime later in 2009. The ticket deposit and other programmmes will be introduced before then.