All public companies to be listed in NEPSE


The provisions put forth by the coalition government in the amended ordinance budget presented on Friday is expected to provide a fillip to Nepali stock market.

Finance Minister Janardan Sharma in course of presenting the budget announced huge tax exemption for reservoir and semi reservoir based Hydropowers with more than 200 MW capacity.

"Those reservoir and semi reservoir based hydropower projects which have completed their financial management and commercial production prior to Chaitra 2082 BS, will be exempt of any income tax for first 15 years and will be liable for 50 per cent income tax for the next years," stated minister Sharma.

"Similarly, an arrangement of reduction to only one per cent taxation on purchase of construction materials, equipment, machineries and their spare part, penstock required for hydropower projects has also been made," added Sharma.

Minister Sharma also assured that good economic governance will be established in the capital market for the protection of the collective interests of the investors.

"All public companies as required will be listed in the stock market."