Another two batches of EPS candidates to go to S Korea

KATHMANDU: Two groups of Nepali blue-collar jobseekers are leaving Nepal for South Korea — on October 19 and 26, respectively, the Employment Permit System (EPS) Nepal office said. The number of Nepalis being hired by South

Korean industries has doubled since September as the destination country is recovering from the global financial crisis.

Sixty-seven Nepalis, including two women, will land in South Korea on October 19 under EPS. According to EPS Nepal office, those workers will be working in 26 manufacturing industries. Another group of 87 Nepalis will leave Nepal for South Korea on October 26 to work in 37 industries.

South Korea is a lucrative destination for Nepali migrant workers where they earn five times more than in other popular destinations — Malaysia and Gulf countries. EPS aspirants earn $970 to $1,000 per month, depending on the nature of work.

Around 6,500 Nepalis are believed to be working in South Korea and half of them are EPS candidates. The Human Resource Department (HRD) of South Korea and Ministry of Labour and Transport Management (MoLTM) started the EPS process in Nepal in 2008. Nepalis working in South Korea are sending home Rs 2 billion as remittance. EPS South Korea has planned to hire 306 Nepalis in October.

EPS trend in October

October 5 69

October 12 83

October 19 67

October 26 87