Apple, Bose products becoming a trend

KATHMANDU; The electronics business in Nepal is growing at a steady pace and a well-known store in the valley has expanded to its second outlet at Kumaripati.

Evo Store deals in authentic Apple, Bose, Sharp and Panasonic products, of which Apple and Bose are world leaders as far as the latest technology in gadgetry is concerned. “We got an overwhelming response to our first store at Sherpa Mall and as of today we are opening the second Evo Store at Kumaripati,” said Dinesh Shrestha, owner of Evo Store. The trend in latest technology in gadgets and its availability defines the Nepali market and Apple products top the professional and personal needs of people, “Apple is a strong brand name and we look to deliver authentic products to ensure customer satisfaction, which is our top priority,” added Shrestha.

Since long, Bose has been the leading brand for quality sound equipment and has captured markets all over the world. “We are getting our Bose products from America directly. We have priced these in tune with the people’s spending capacity and have received no complaints,” said Shrestha.

Mobiles phones, PC’s, laptops and sound systems are a growing trend and the people look to buy strong brand name products. “For younger people it’s the style factor that defines their purchase and i-Phones, i-Pods and i-Pod docks are what they buy. Selling such products is no problem in the valley,” added Shrestha.

Evo Store imports its Apple, Sharp and Panasonic products from Singapore which is its business hub while the Bose products are got from America. “There’s no question regarding the authenticity of products. We have all

necessary papers as well as guarantee and warranty cards issued for every purchase made,”

said Shrestha.