Applicants for e-PAN rising in Bharatpur

CHITWAN: The number of people taking E-PAN registration number from the Inland Revenue Office, Bharatpur, has increased. Their number increased after a campaign to distribute E-PAN was started in the presence of Finance Minister Surendra Pandey last month.

Mohan Singh Basnet, an officer at the Bharatpur Inland Revenue Office, said the zeal to take the E-PAN has increased among tax-payers which has helped the office maintain records of tax-payers and revenue collection.

Basnet said so far 291 individuals have taken E-PAN. Last month only, 125 entrepreneurs took E-PAN. He said more than 200 applications have been received for the purpose of taking E-PAN.

E-PAN stands for Electronic Permanent Account Number and it is issued by the Inland Revenue Department. PAN is an unique identification number, issued to all taxpayers throughout the country. PAN identifies each taxpayer uniquely countrywide.

Food festival

CHITWAN: The fourth Sauraha Food Festival held in Sauraha of Chitwan district saw financial transaction worth Rs two million, according to the organisers. Programme coordinator Subhas Gautam said more than 25,000 tourists visited food festival organised to coincide with Valentine's Day. The festival was organized by Sauraha Restaurant and Bar Association. The festival is believed to promote tourism in Sauraha. Besides different varieties of food, it also featured cultural programme.