Singapore, February 1:

Companies across the Asia-Pacific are at risk of losing their most talented people, a research firm’s survey said today. More than 3,000 employees in 120 companies were polled by Chicago-based ISR.

The list was topped by Malaysia, where 47 per cent of high-fliers queried were considering leaving their employer. The same answer came from 33 per cent in Australia, 32 per cent in Th-ailand and 31 per cent in China. Four in 10 Singapore respondents said they were thinking of leaving their current employer, with the bulk of this group saying they would leave once they had an acceptable job offer.

The findings ‘should act as a wake-up call’ to Asia-Pacific companies, ISR director Yves Duhaldeborde said in a statement. “The risk of losing their most talented staff is serious and immediate and can only worsen as the economy grows,” he said.

Employers considering leaving view the management style in their companies as reactive, risk-averse and directive, instead of participatory, ISR found.