Aussie woman sends ‘robot’ to queue

Sydney, September 25

Don’t want to wait in line for your new iPhone? Why not send your iPad instead?One Australian woman decided to dispatch a ‘robot’ to do the queueing for release of Apple’s new device in Sydney.

Lucy Kelly, 22, was the face and voice of the unusual-looking device — an iPad attached to a remote-controlled Segway-style scooter — which she parked outside the store 27 hours before the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus went on sale.

“It’s a clear demonstration of the future and what’s coming,” Kelly told AFP after becoming one of the first

owners of one of each of the new phones.

The robot waited with other Apple fans until doors opened at 8:00am today and was one of the first inside before being taken upstairs — via a lift — to make Kelly’s purchases.

Kelly, whose face appeared on iPad screen, was able to speak to Apple staff and give her permission to use the credit card she had stuck to her small scooter.