Bamboo products lack market

Madan Wagle

Arthung (Tanahun), April 11:

Most of the people in Tanahun district are dependent on the income generated by the manufacture of bamboo products. Som Bahadur Bhujel, who knits mattresses, racks, and other domestic products from bamboo, said that it is the only income source for his family.

Though Bhujel is a farmer by occupation, he makes these materials in his spare time. But, he added, lack of market for these products has made our life difficult. "Our products are difficult to sell at present. We barely manage to earn Rs 100 per day. At times, it becomes even difficult to cover our own expenses. It is hard for me to run my household of four members," he added.

Similarly, Deu Bahadur Bhujel, 50, said that he has been earning his livelihood both from farming and manufacturing bamboo products. "My pension is very low and is inadequate for me to run my house. Since I have skill, I utilise it during my spare time to get some extra income," said 53-year-old Buddhi Maya Bhujel. Most of these people have been involved in manufacturing bamboo products since long. They said, "We have not received any trainings from government. But the government can help us by purchasing our products." They complained that their labour is just wasted due to lack of proper market. They have to take their products to Dhungesanghu of Pokhara, Karaputar, Bhimad, Sisaghat, Dulegaunda, Gorkha, Beensisahar, Bhooteoodar, Sundar Bazaar, and Gaunsahar of Lamjung, as they do not have proper market for their products at the local area. Man Maya Bhujel said that if only they had proper market, they would be able to earn their livelihood and lead a prosperous life. Some 18 to 19 households in Arthung are dependent on the income from the bamboo products sale.