Bhaktapur florists rake in Tihar lolly

Thimi, October 27:

With Tihar already at hand, flower entrepreneurs and farmers in Gundu, Sipadole and Tathali VDCs of Bhaktapur are busy plucking flowers, weaving garlands and taking these to the market for sale. Many families in the VDCs are in this business for generations.

Krishna Maya Banmali of Tathali VDC-6 said it was peak time for her and her family who have been growing Makhamali flowers for generations. Though Banmalis were the only community involved in this business in the past, other Newar castes also have turned to it as it fetches a good profit, she said.

In Tathali alone, two hectares of land is under flower cultivation. Flower farming expanded to

Gundu and Sipadole as well after the district agriculture development office declared the two

VDCs as pocket areas for floriculture.

Kanchharam Shrestha of Sipadole said he switched over to flower farming as it pays more than five times than the traditional maize farming.