Bid to find new trek route in Gorkha

GORKHA: In the wake of the government announcement of drawing one million tourists during Nepal Tourism Year 2011, a seven-day tourism journey has started in Gorkha district to develop a new trekking route.

Dharche Manaslu Tourism Committee, Gorkha, has taken the initiative. It has sent a team of Constituent Assembly members, local leaders and journalists around Dharche peak situated 3,245 metres above sea level. The mountain is the only hill in seven VDCs of Gorkha which has remained in the shadows due to lack of promotion. “Nobody has scaled the peak till now. We organised the tour for promotion and exploration of a new trekking route,” said Sane Gurung, chairman of the tourism committee.

The team will develop a new trekking route after observing Lapu, Panchkhuwa, Duerali, Swara, Gumda, Laprak, Barpak, Saurpani and some other areas.