Mobile banking starts

KATHMANDU: Bank of Kathmandu (BoK) has resumed the mobile banking service, which had been disrupted after February 1. “With this service, mobile bill payment has become so simple that one can manage/instruct the bank to pay one’s mobile phone bill through SMS, states a press release. In order to enjoy this service, the mobile users need to register their mobile with the bank. Moreover, as a part of the mobile banking service, registered customers can also inquire their balance and retrieve the last three transactions using the mobile phones. — HNS

Tariffs’ review urged

BISMARCK: A trade panel ruled steep American tariffs that have almost halted Canadian wheat imports may be unjustified, and ordered a US commission to come up with stronger evidence to justify the fees. The North American Free Trade Accord panel gave the International Trade Commission three months to provide the information. — AP

EU, China trade row

BRUSSELS: The EU trade dispute with China risks spreading from textiles to footwear after the EU released data on Wednesday showing Chinese shoe imports had surged since the end of quotas at the start of the year. Responding to concerns of European shoemakers, the European Commission said imports of leather shoes and textile slippers had risen by 681 per cent in the first four months of 2005, pushing down prices on European markets by 28 per cent. — AP

India, Canada air deal

NEW DELHI: India and Canada have agreed to boost passenger flights five-fold between the two countries as part of a pact liberalising bilateral air transport. This new arrangement will allow airlines of Canada and India to better meet the needs of the travelling public, including the business community. — AFP