Biz briefs

Firms’ licence cancelled:

KALAIYA: Validity of some 750 industries has been annulled in Bara district for their failure to renew their registration at the district cottage and small industries office. Registration of 331 rice mills, 53 saw mills, 41 sewing and construction, 32 brick industries, 20 cement tile, 15 incense, 12 spices, 12 confectionery, 11 chemical, five wax candle, eight tobacco, 11 ice and others has been canceled, according to the office. — RSS

Transformer established:

URLABARI: An electricity transformer has been set up at local Maina Khadi with the objective of expanding the power supply at Hasandaha VDC in Morang district. The transformer has been established under the initiation of local civil society, Hasandaha in cooperation with Nepal Electricity Authority, Rangeli branch office. The work has been carried out in response to the public complaint of dim light due to low voltage supply in the area. — RSS

EU warnings for big three:

BRUSSELS: The European Commission called on the eurozone’s three biggest economies on Wednesday to tighten their budgets further to ensure they meet strict EU fiscal rules. Germany, France and Italy all came in for renewed criticism in the EU executive’s latest assessment of their econ-omies despite their vows to meet a eurozone deficit target this year.— AFP