Villagers’ savings

ARGHAKHANCHI: Villagers in rural VDCs of Arghakhanchi district are turned towards saving money. Dalit and backward communities have developed the after they did not get loans in times of need. The trend of saving money weekly, fortnightly and monthly has gained popularity in Argha, Nuwakot, Khilji, Dharapani, Bagi, Chutrabeshi and some other VDCs. Many villagers have been saving money in cooperative institutions and youth clubs. The reason, according to Man Bahadur Pandey of Malarani Cooperatives, is loans are given gwithout mortgage.

Hooch seized

BHAKTAPUR: Police seized 1,095 litres of countrymade liquor from vehicles operating on Araniko Highway. The police seized the locally-made liquor during checks of vehicles following a rise in illegal trade of liquor in Bhaktapur.