Seed management

DANG: Sunaulo Community Seeds Bank has been established in Rampur of Dang for the first time in keeping with the importance of protecting near-extinct seeds. An organisation, LI-BIRD, has set up seed banks of food grains such as paddy, maize, wheat, millet, beans, soybean, gourd, and others under the Community-based Bio-diversity Protection and Promotion Project. The bank has been in operation since November, 2009, informed LI-BIRD Project Officer Jivanath Sharma.

Sand export ban

KAPILVASTU: The livelihood of tens of thousands of wage workers has been affected in Kapilvastu after the government banned extraction and export of sand and pebbles from different rivers. Banganga Transport Entrepreneurs' Committee general secretary Bishnu Prasad Nyupane said around 500 vehicles used to be employed in the business in Banganga river alone. Over 800 workers were directly involved in the operation of trucks and tippers along the river. He added that the operation of every tipper provides job to 17 people. He said the ban on sand export has rendered over 8500 persons unemployed. Around 6,000 trucks of sand and pebble used to be exported to India.

Ginger farming

PARASI: Villagers of Nawalparasi district are estimated to be making transactions worth around Rs 30 million from ginger farming this year. According to District Agricultural Office, around 12,000 metric tons ginger was produced. It is 20 per cent more this year compared to last one. Last year, the harvest was 10,000 metric tonnes. Mainly, 7,000 farmers of 17 VDCs including Rakuwa, Dedgaon, Dhaubadi, Mainaghat, Hupsekot, Rakachuli, Dhurkot, Benimanipur Deurali of the hilly belt of the district are into commercial ginger farming. The price of ginger is Rs 14 per kg in the village this year in the season.