Team meets PM

BIRATNAGAR: Delegations from tea entrepreneurs, petroleum dealers and civil servants yesterday separately called on Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and apprised him of the problems they are facing in their respective areas. In this connection, a delegation led by central chairman of the Nepal Petroleum Dealers’ Association, Shiv Prasad Ghimire presented some recommendations for resolving the problems related to the import of POL, distribution and its quality control. Likewise, a delegation of proprietors from tea estates and entrepreneurs headed by the Chhatra Giri briefed the Prime Minister about various problems being faced by the tea estates, including its workers. — RSS

India gives fertilizer

KATHMANDU: Indian ambassador, Shiv Shankar Mukharjee yesterday handed over chemical fertilizers to agriculture and cooperative minister Mahata Thakur here which was provided to Nepal on a subsidized rate. This aid assistance is according to a decision made by the government of India to provide 15,000 metric tonnes of urea fertilizer and 10,000 metric tonnes of DAP during Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s visit to India in June. According to a press release issued by the Indian embassy here, the Government of India and the government of Nepal are working to further promote economic ties between Nepal and India while determining the processes to implement agreements reached between the two countries during Prime Minister Koirala’s visit there. — RSS