Biz ramp open for gen X rollerbladers

Kathmandu, December 1:

Good news for youngsters who have great ideas and commitment but lack the medium to start business! Business Incubation Centre (BIC), DOCSI with contribution from Nepal Info-Park Pvt Ltd, Synervate Pvt Ltd, Youth Engagement in Sustainability (YES), Anima Visual and Research Center Pvt Ltd and Growth Sellers Pvt Ltd will provide that opportunity.

“We believe youngsters have great ideas and commitment too. But what they lack is a proper medium and trust from the higher-level people. Therefore, this programme will bring them to mentors who can guide them,” said Bhuwan KC, executive member of YES.

Around 16 new entrepreneurs participated in the programme with eight different mentors to guide them here today. “Youth have great dreams and are ambitious about their future but they lack recourse. If only they get the right mentor to show them the right direction will they be able to achieve success in marketing and production sectors,” said Bibhushan Timalsina, director of Nepal Infopark Pvt Ltd.

The new entrepreneurs also had their own things to say. Most of them said that they had great business plans which could create a difference in business norms prevailing in the country.

“Earlier, I used to run a kindergarten for prisoners’ children but now I am unable to run it as I was told not to. However, I want to reopen it. The total expense of running the kindergarten is around Rs 15,000 which I can get from corporate houses and my family’s link-ups,” said Pushpa Basnet, president at Early Childhood Development Centre.

Speaking at the programme, interior designer Suruchi Pokhrel said, “Interior designing has become so essential abroad but in our case we are lagging far behind. Even we have great opportunities in the fine arts and if these sectors are encouraged, I think people will find great business opportunities in Nepal instead of going to foreign countries. We have talent but lack encouragement.”

Meanwhile, Urmila Malakar, who is busy researching to preserve antique materials of Nepal, said tourists have greater interest in Nepali handicrafts and antiques but local people are not interested. “If only we could preserve those antiques and crafts, we can do excellent business through these.”

Visual Editor’s Anjana Sharma said documentary videos too are in high demand but she said she did not know how these should be launched in the market and what kind of visual documentary would command high demand in the market.

Clarifying different issues raised, Assistant Professor at Kathmandu University School of Management Binod Krishna Shrestha said unless people are clear about who the product is for and what benefits one can get by using a particular product none of the business ideas would be successful. People have different choices therefore before penetrating the market one must be careful to float a competitive product.