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LG’s vacuum cleaner

Kathmandu: Chaudhary Group (CG), the authorised dealer of LG products in Nepal, is introducing CYKING vacuum cleaners.

Unlike other vacuum cleaners CYKING has an advanced motor that develops a cyclone of air within thus trapping dust in a container, which can be washed with water, states a press released issued here today. The filter of the CYKING is washable and is made of HEPA 12 and has the power to extract and filter 99.55 per cent of dust and becomes as good as new after washing.

“This ensures a longer life and also cuts down the cost of paper bags,” claims the release

Kwality brings Thunder

Kathmandu: Kwality Diet and Food Product Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of Kabara Group, is launching a spicy biscuit ‘Thunder’ in the market. The biscuit does not contain ajino moto yet has very good taste, claims a press release. Also for the purpose of entertainment, v-arious stickers have bee-n bundled with its packs.