Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, May 1:

Campino Chockiman, a new product from Lord Shiva Food and Confectionary Pvt Ltd has been launched in the market.

Campino Chockiman, the chocolate wafer which is rich in chocolate and weighs

more than ordinary wafers found in the market, is priced at five rupees per piece.

The wafer is manufactured using advanced technology of international standard at the company’s factory located at Manmaiju, Kathmandu.

With a slogan of ‘chocolaty fun dundanadan’ and an attractive consumer prize, along with free chocoman sticker is expected to gain popularity, says S P Dhakal, general manager of Lord Shiva Food and Confectionary.

“With the objective of replacing expensive imported wafers, Campino Chockiman has been launched. It is likely to meet the expectation of customers,” said Dhakal, adding that a heart shape at the top of the wafer will also attract not only children but also all chocolate lovers.

The product will be available across the nation. The company also plans to launch more new products in the coming days.