Brand Watch : Golden Bridge oil


Radhey Radhey & Banglamukhi Bahuuddheshiya Company Pvt Ltd (RRBBC) today announced the launch of ‘Golden Bridge’ brand of sunflower oil in the market. Manufactured by a Malaysian multinational company, the Golden Bridge sunflower oil is one of the superior quality edible oil brands, having the lowest saturated fat quantity, said Dinesh K Ray, managing director of RRBBC. According to him, the product contains 11 per cent saturated fat, which is among the lowest in sunflower oils. While, the quantity of polion saturated fat and mono unsaturated fat is relatively high. “The product is manufactured under the strict quality control guidance and packaged accordingly to ensure high level hygienic condition,” said Ray. The Golden Bridge sunflower oil is currently available in 2-litre pet bottle in the Kathmandu valley in the first phase and is priced at Rs 245 per 2-litre bottle. It will soon be available in 5-litre pet bottle and 15-litre tin jar soon.