Brand watch: Himalaya hair loss cream launched

Kathmandu, August 28:

Himalaya Drug Company, a leading herbal healthcare producer, has launched Himalaya Hair Loss Cream in the market. A safe and effective solution in hair loss management, this cream helps in enhancing follicular density and in improving tensile strength of hair. Regular and continued use ensures up to 70 per cent hair loss control in six months. It contains 100 per cent herbal actives and is priced at Rs 296 for 50 ml and Rs 528 for a 100 ml pack. The research and development efforts at Himalaya have been directed towards arriving at a safe and effective hair loss solution supported by modern and scientific processes.

Extensive dermal safety studies and clinical trials have been conducted and have proven effective on over 110 individuals, states a press release issued here today. The cream is made of herbal extracts of Palasha and Palashabheda for which US patent is applied. The Himalaya hair loss cream is a treatment solution for Aloepecia Areata and diffuse hair loss and not a treatment solution for male pattern baldness (baldness due to genetic reasons).