Brand watch: LG brings new mobile set

Kathmandu, August 27:

LG Electronics has added a new handset PULSE C-2600 to its existing series of new age cell phone sets.

“Pulse C-2600 is chic, attractive and affordable at a price of Rs 7,900,” states a press release. It is truly a new age phone that combines beauty and utility.

PULSE C-2600 features a built in pen drive with 120 MB memory that can be plugged and played at your convenience. It also functions as an USB card.

It includes MP3 player and FM radio with in-built speakers. Its large memory gives freedom to store up to 10 Radio Stations, claims the company. It comes with a VGA camera that enables one to capture and store photos. Its 65000 col-our screen gives a clearer and vivid screen display. It also features continuous voice recording.