BRAND WATCH: M-Seal launched

Kathmandu, September 28:

Pidilite Industries Ltd has launched M-Seal in Nepal with the line ‘Majboot Jodh’. The launch came following its recent promotional campaign that made M-Seal as top brand in repair and maintenance product line, states a press release issued here today. M-Seal is an epoxy compound that is used to seal leakages and fill cracks. The unique mixer of the resin base and hardener helps to seal crack by hardening the putty onto the applied surface. It is available for general purpose, Phataphat, Easimix, White & Instant are the product line. M-Seal is a mass marketed household product in sealants and the product has been targeted for housewives and gives awareness of six household usages of M-Seal. Pidilite Industries Ltd is a leading Indian company in the field of adhesives and sealants. It produces products like Fevicol brand adhesives. It also produces Acron and Fevicryl hobby-colouring product range.