Brand watch: Orlex tongue cleaner launched

Kathmandu, November 14:

R B Brush Industries (Pvt) Ltd, a subsidiary of M R Bansals Group, has launched a new product, Orlex Tongue Cleaner. Featured with three-layered cleaning instrument, the newly-launched product is of advanced quality and relatively more effective, states a press release issued today. Regular use of Orlex helps prevent various oral and stomach diseases. Established some 18 years back, R B Brush has products such as Pearl Toothbrush, Pearl Gel and Active Pearl shampoo, which have created a successful image in consumer’s psyche.

“The three layers stage cleaning of the product work harmoniously to remove bacteria and other harmful agents, which are detrimental to oral health”, says Manoj Bansal, managing director of R B Brush Industries. It may be pertinent to note that 95 per cent of bad breath originates from an odour-causing bacteria bred in the back of the tongue. It is essential to clean tongue daily to maintain fresh breath. The product is priced at Rs 17.