Brand watch : Wai Wai cup noodles

Kathmandu, June 5:

Wai Wai, one of the best instant noodle brands of Nepal, has now introduced in cup noodles.

Wai Wai, a flagship brand of CG Foods (Nepal), has captured the hearts and minds of young and old alike for last two decades, claims the company, “through continuous product innovation and up-gradation its as fresh as ever.”

The Wai Wai cup noodles make consumers easy to enjoy the cooked noodle while being-on-the-move. Enjoying Wai Wai cooked or straight from the pack has become an enjoyable experience.

All one has to do is add hot water and wait for two minutes and it will be ready to eat. It is packed in a microwave safe pack and comes with a fork inside. It is priced at Rs 20 per cup.