Brand watch:Kwiks brings Cheese Rings

Kathmandu, June 26:

Chaudhary Group has launched Cheese Rings, a new product, under its flagship brand Kwiks.

“The product not only carries the freshness of cheese in it but also has a shape that you can play with while eating it,” said a press release.

Experimenting with a new shape and adding weight to the fun aspect in the snacks category, Chaudhary Group has once again displayed its credibility of reaching out to the masses and appealing to children to get closer with Kwiks Cheese Rings. Quality, as one of its important strengths, helped Kwiks Cheese Balls to maintain its leadership in the market.

“Defining snacks on the basis of taste has been a general trend but Cheese Rings takes the concept forward by focusing more on the fun aspect that tends to come in, when engaging with snack foods of this kind,” claims the company.