Buddha Air sets up RNAV in Bhadrapur

KATHMANDU: Buddha Air has announced that it has successfully set up RNAV operations at Bhadrapur airport with the help and coordination of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN).

With the setup of RNAV, night flights are now possible in Bhadrapur. It is through RNAV (area navigation) that flights can be conducted even under low visibility and there was even installation of runway lights at Bhadrapur airport, the airline said in a statement. This allows night flights to be operated safely as well.

This technology has been adopted worldwide for safe air operations. As this technology was not available at Bhadrapur airport, airlines had to cancel or delay flights to Bhadrapur due to low visibility and flights could not be operated after sunset.

This led to a huge burden on travellers and financial burden on airline operators. Buddha Air also said that it will instal RNAV technology at the Janakpur airport in the coming months in collaboration with CAAN and airport authorities of Janakpur.