Budget 2007-08: Health

Rs 12.18 billion

Kathmandu: This year’s budget of Rs 12.18 billion for the health sector plans to deliver prompt and quality delivery of basic health services in the rual areas.

Dr Mrigendra Raj Panday, founder of the Mrigendra Samjhana Medical Trust, said the budget is “optimistic, but should be implemented with equal determination.”

The government also aims to curb the population growth rate, reduce child and maternity mortality rate, improve physical facilities of hospitals and increase life expectancy. It also plans to upgrade 25 sub health posts to health centres in line with the population and geographical location.

The budget aims at improving supply of medicines and equipment in health centres. He said efforts should be made to deliver services to needy, poor and people from the backward communities and remote areas.

The government has also adopted a policy to send doctors, who have completed MBBS under the government scholarship programme, to remote health centres.

Dr Kiran Prasad Shre-stha, senior vice-president of Nepal Medical Associat-ion, said MBBS doctors sh-ould be encouraged to wo-rk in the rural areas.