Nepal Chamber of Commerce and Nepal Handicrafts Federation have decided to work in cooperation in a bid to reduce the yawning trade deficit. Realizing the fact that Nepali handicrafts have established Nepal's identity in the international market and contributed to reduce trade loss, they have agreed for further cooperation.

Chamber Chairperson Rajendra Malla informed that they would work in collaboration for the facilitation of handicraft export and removal of hurdles on customs. Similarly, they would work together on producing and utilizing raw materials.

Malla further said he would make utmost initiative to ensure the entry of Nepali handicrafts to the international exhibition. He said it while welcoming the newly elected working committee of the Handicraft Federation on Monday.

The handicrafts industry has not only promoted and protected indigenous skills but also helped establish cultural identity.

If the State provides grants, this industry could thrive more with the handicraft exports to the US, European countries, Japan, China, India and Korea.

On the occasion, Federation Chairperson Prachanda Shakya viewed they were facing the problems in customs for the export of handicrafts. He requested the Chamber for facilitating to resolve the problems.