Butwal Spinning Mill downs shutter

Rupandehi, May 1:

Butwal Spinning Mill (BSM) has closed down due to shortage of raw materials.

Ram Swartha Yadav, general manager of the Mill, said they felt the shortage of raw materials after Job Work Company Allied Investment took its hands off the mill. “The indecisiveness of the government after the Constituent Assembly (CA) elections hit the mill hard,” he said, adding that the government could not decide on whether to look for a new ‘Job Work Company’ or the ministry for Commerce, Industry and Supplies would itself manage the supply of raw materials.

Stating that the key reason for the closure is the lack of capital, general manager said, “Though there is a mill management committee, the government’s indecisiveness is hurting the company.”

Job Work Company Allied Investment had committed to act as Job work Company, however it took its hands off against its commitment within two-year, according to the general manager. Butwal spinning mill was established in 1982 and more than 400 employees are employed in the mill that is situated at Butwal Industrial area.